ADAPT by Design

Building a Better Future for Your Business


A business strategy that you not just create, but execute! As well as a proven cadence to keep the strategy on track.

Healthy Culture

A solid foundation starts with a healthy culture; a conscious focus on your organisation’s people, leadership, and community.

Systems & Processes

Capturing all of the knowledge and learning from years of experience to ensure consistency and efficiency.

People & Teams

Creating teams with high levels of trust and psychological safety that align with your purpose, vision and values.

What is ADAPT?

Most businesses would fall apart without the owner holding it all together. The ADAPT Framework transforms your business to be less reliant on you, giving you the time to work on what matters.

Combining a process, platform and coaching, the ADAPT Framework takes a holistic approach to business transformation. With the support of the platform and coach, you will develop your leadership team, build your resilient business strategy, engage your people and then build the cadence to keep these changes alive and your business thriving.


A Coach By Your Side

 As part of your ADAPT journey, you will work closely with a dedicated and experienced coach who brings the ADAPT Framework to life in your business. Your coach becomes your trusted guide and a member of your team, remaining by your side for the entire journey and beyond to support you to achieve your business vision. 

Our coaches have been there before and can guide you to build and implement your strategy.

Your coach can meet you where you are on your journey and support you along the way to achieving your goals for growth and succession.


The Dynamic Platform

The ADAPT platform captures your entire business and embeds strategy in one place. A home for accountability, processes, people, meetings, workflows and more.

It enables your leadership teams to capture the data needed to keep your strategy on track, align the organisation, and make great decisions.

The platform is secure and cloud-based with the ability to be accessed via a computer, laptop, and mobile.

A Proven Process

The ADAPT process builds habits to ensure your business is successful now, grows sustainably and delivers long term value.

Our proven process starts with investigating where your business is today and where to start making improvements for your future.

Our ADAPT Journey

Barclayss® is not only a partner of ADAPT by Design but an ADAPT user. Having gone through the ADAPT process, our coaches can relate to the nuanced challenges that business owners face. 

“If you’re like me a small business owner and you understand the complexities of running a small business day in and day out, the ADAPT Way gives you everything you need to systemise and create a resilient business.” -John Barclay

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