Culture Change

Bringing the best out of your Leaders for a more successful workforce.

Culture Change Simplified

We help Leaders and teams develop cultural strategies which embed agreed values and behaviours throughout the organisation. This results in practices, processes, and behaviours by which the organisation will conduct itself. We offer custom solutions tailored to individual situations, to enhance organisational performance.

We provide four main service offerings: Organisation Culture, Human Performance, Leadership Development and Organisational Systems.

Organisational Culture

Have you ever thought about your organisational culture and leadership? Essentially, this means the social and psychological environment of your organisation based on its underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, expectations, and communication.

When you partner with Barclayss®, you provide an introduction to your organisational culture – the way things are done around here. From there, our Explorers work with you to understand your culture and develop a collective set of principles and practices about your organisation, your people, and your systems.

Human Performance

Organisations have a key role in human performance and should strive to develop robust systems and processes to improve performance and reduce the incidence and impact of errors on the organisation and individuals.

Barclayss® can help you understand human performance psychology and how you can mobilise your organisation to achieve the results you desire. We partner with you to identify areas of weakness and install a hyperdrive to boost performance using proven behavioural science approaches.

Leadership Development

Does your organisation understand good leadership? Without good leaders, your people won’t know which direction they are heading, or how to get there. You need to understand why leadership is important and how it contributes to your organisation’s ongoing success.

Barclayss® in-depth assessment will help you identify black holes and build a robust leadership development framework. We help you understand how to get the best out of your leaders, to get the best out of your workforce.

Organisational Systems

When was the last time you had a look at your organisational systems? Some aspects of your organisational systems may be formalised, whereas others may have evolved over time to become the “norm” without any formalisation or documentation.

When you partner with Barclayss®, our Explorers guide you through your organisational universe to capture your essential accountabilities, responsibilities, and processes. Our complex diagnostic tools deconstruct your organisational systems to gain a thorough understanding of your business.