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DiSC® Advanced Personality Assessment

Improve Self-Awareness

Increase Productivity

Become Effective Managers

What is DiSC®?

DiSC® is a world-leading personality assessment known for transforming workplaces by improving teamwork, communication and productivity. The DiSC® assessment determines your position within the DiSC® model which is divided into four main personality profiles (D)ominance, (I)nfluence, (S)teadiness, (C)onscientiousness. A DiSC profile assessment can be completed as a stand alone activity or can be included in a broader leadership or culture change program.  

Fixed Plant Maintenance Superintendent

With the insight into my own leadership style and what aspects are natural and adjusted,  it was the first time I’ve found reasoning into why I felt that I had to commit to changing to become a better leader years ago. For me this was very insightful. Also it has helped me better understand what other people in my team see as normal and has explained how to better work together as now I can understand their motivations and styles. I am using my own profile to recognise when I’m close displaying undesirable behaviours before they surface by better understanding the triggers. I’m also working on my own biases towards others by better understanding their profiles.

Fixed Plant Production Superintendent

I really liked the summaries and making me aware of my blind spots / areas for improvement, it was just easy to see in words. I think this is good for developing leaders and I think is should be re-done every few years to see where a person’s traits moves to vs change in role or leadership maturity.

What are the team benefits of DiSC®?

At BARCLAYSS® we recommend including DiSC® into your next team day as a fun exercise where you can practice communicating with different personalities in a fun and safe environment. We facilitate 4-hour workshops where our consultants guide you and your team through your individual and team reports. There are a range of fun group activities to help enhance understanding of your own and other’s DiSC® profiles. By establishing a mutual understanding of DiSC®, this enables the team to better apply their newfound knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Undertaking the assessment:

The DiSC® assessment is delivered through an online questionnaire, which takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Questions are structured to create a profile that describes an individual’s behaviour in various situations. These situations cover, how you respond to challenges, how you influence others, your preferred pace of work, and how you respond to rules and procedures. Tendencies, preferences, and patterns of behaviour will be measured and reported in a way that presents no judgement; there are no right or wrong answers.

What does a DiSC® Advanced Individual Assessment Include?

As an accredited supplier of DiSC®, we offer DiSC® Advanced, this assessment has forty-four zones with each zone identifying a different DiSC® trait or combination of DiSC® traits that determines your behavioural style. Your DiSC® profile will contain a thorough individual assessment which provides insight on your adjusted style of operating and natural style, behaviour, motivators, strengths, potential development areas and much more.

After completing your assessment you will be provided with a 30 page report containing:

  • Your natural and adjusted style of working
  • Behavioural Chart Analysis
  • Overview of characteristics
  • Behavioural insights
  • Environmental factors you respond to
  • Reaction modes
  • Preferred communication style
  • Advanced Interrelated Behavioural Analysis
  • Action plan
  • How to apply your new knowledge

Personal DiSC® Benefits​

We are currently offering personal DiSC® assessments for $228 which is 20% off the standard price.

What will I personally get out of DiSC®?

  • Deeper understanding of the different facets of your personality
  • See where you spend most of energy in communication
  • Learn how to best communicate with other styles
  • Understand the difference between your natural and adjusted style of communication
  • Increased emotional and social intelligence

Want to hear more about the DiSC® Assessment?

If you’d like a quote or more information please fill out the enquiry form below. We can also offer a sample report and DiSC® case studies. Ask us how a DiSC® assessment for your team might work in conjunction with a leadership or culture change program. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

DiSC® is a world-leading personality assessment known for transforming workplaces by improving teamwork, communication and productivity. The DiSC® profiling tool determines your position within the DiSC® model which is divided into four main personality profiles (D)ominance, (I)nfluence, (S)teadiness, (C)onscientiousness. The tool is designed to give you a greater sense of who you are as a person, in and out of the work environment. It can be used at an individual or team level.

DiSC® is one of the world’s longest running personality profiling assessments, it was first introduced in 1928. Improvements to the assessment are continuously made through extensive research.

The DiSC® profiling tool looks at who a person is within their natural behaviour, mostly seen at home, versus their adjusted behaviour which is seen within the workplace or other professional environment.

People will typically adjust their style of behaviour based on the environment they’re in. Elements such a stress and role requirements will have a factor on how a person behaves at work. 

People are a combination of the following traits, or personality types, but may sit more predominantly within one particular trait.

Dominance: People who sit predominantly in the ‘D’ quadrant are strong and dominant. They see the big picture and have high expectations when it comes to achieving their goals. Occasionally Ds can be demanding, and others can become fearful of them.

Influence: Those within the ‘I’ quadrant are known as the influencers. These people are friendly and are eager to include and collaborate with others on ideas and solutions. They can heavily influence groups of people.

Steadiness: A person who is predominantly in ‘S’, steadiness, is known to be dependable and loyal. They have a calm nature and tend to shy away from conflict.

Conscientiousness: Those in the ‘C’ quadrant are conscientious and tailored around quality, accuracy and ensuring detail is correct.

Upon sign up to the DiSC® assessment, you will be provided with a link which will take you to a series of questions. If you are completing the 360-personality assessment, you will also be asked to provide a list of people who are in your work environment. These people can work around you, above you and below you. They will receive a set of questions as well. Once everyone has completed the questions a DiSC report will be developed. A member of the BARCLAYSS® leadership consulting team will then reach out to you to discuss the report. If you are completing DiSC® as a team you will proceed to have a group workshop where the reports will be rolled out and discussed

When completing DiSC® as an individual you will receive deeper insight into who you are as a person. This will give you a heightened level of self-awareness on elements such as your biases, giving you the opportunity to consciously change your behaviour and actions.

If you complete the DiSC® assessment as a team you will have a better idea of where everyone sits within the profiling. This will identify areas for potential collaboration and can provide context to areas of conflict. It will also allow you to see if there are gaps within the quadrant, such as no Cs in the group or if a particular personality type is dominant within the group. A BARCLAYSS® consultant will walk through the reports with you to highlight these areas and discuss what they mean for the organisation or team.