Our Partners - Fusable

Advanced A.I. Technology

Make Unseen Safety Risks Visible

We’ve partnered with software specialists from Fusable who have created the world’s first AI technology for the safety industry. Fusable is proven data technology that uses natural language processing and machine learning to build a clearer picture of what is actually happening in your risk environment.

Risk Detection
Risk Detection
Data Analysis

Analysing Your Data

Natural language processing and machine learning build a clearer picture of what is actually happening in your risk environment.
Integral Culture

Connecting the Dots

Artificial Intelligence will turn traditional views of safety data and risk identification on its head, empowering you to visualise hidden risks in your business.

Presenting Results

The resulting analysis drives the creation of data FUSIONS – visualisations of pockets of high risk within your operating areas and their inter-connections.

How Does it Work?

Our clients range from large organisations to small local businesses who are all striving for safety excellence.

As part of our consulting service, our clients use our Data Analysis solution to provide input into their strategic safety decision making process and their targets for the immediate, mid-term and long-term workplace safety performance.

The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include structured and unstructured data, sourced from incident reports, field observations and conversations records, culture surveys and any other records where free-text responses have been generated and captured. Our software is a deep learning AI that analyses and connects your data in a completely new way and gives you new insights into your current safety performance.

This process will show you tangible safety trends that will help your business identify direct actions to improve your safety outcomes.


Saves time

Tangible trends

Data Analysis

Identifiable actions

What Will You Get?

Our Consulting service assesses your current situation by analysing your data and completing a full SWOT analysis. Afterwards, you will receive your fully personalised AI safety profile; we will present all learnings and you will receive a detailed report that identifies your opportunities for improvement.

Guaranteed Outcomes

  • Validate current state and safety issues.
  • New insights to exposures.
  • Comparing leading and lagging data for any gaps.

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