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At Barclayss, we recognise businesses need access to more than one type of HS resource. The type of resource they need is dependent on the area of support they want to address and the type of environment, or personnel, they want to support.

Hence, we offer a number of different HS resource types, which can be tailored to meet the direct needs of our Clients.

We differentiate ourselves by offering HS resources with additional competencies in areas that add further value to support your business and your teams.

Our View

Finding temporary and/or short-term HS resources can be a difficult problem for businesses.

Too often businesses are disappointed with the output and outcome of HS resources, due to variable quality.  

To combat this, when you use our HS services, you’ll have a Barclayss’ employee on site. 

We addresses the shortcoming of traditional labour hire by providing HS experts who utilise coaching techniques and behavioural science principles with your team.

We have three levels of Health and Safety Services.


Our Health and Safety Services

Level 1 HS Coordinator

Role Description:

  • Collation, input, organisation and reporting of HS related data
  • Electronic HS Management system data input, administration and/or maintenance
  • Identification and presentation of trends and themes
  • Report template generation, report creation
  • Presentation generation

Level 2 HS Field Advisor

Role Description:

  • In-field Conversations and Observations (Principal/ Critical Risk focused and risk management focused)
  • Hazard identification and solution development
  • Auditing and compliance monitoring
  • HS process improvement
John Barclay - Health and safety services advisor

Level 3 HS Coach

Role Description:

  • Facilitated in-field Conversation with local HS/Departmental Leader, improving both quality and outcomes
  • Coaching local senior HS Leaders (Managers and Superintendents) to improve their effectiveness as senior HS leaders
  • New HS process development and implementation/roll-out
  • Existing HS process review, improvement identification and solution development/ implementation

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Level 2 and 3 HS Resources

Level 2 and Level 3 resources utilise coaching techniques and behavioural science principles with your team.

Their intent is to both deliver improvements in organisational/team/departmental performance and capability/competency improvements in HS professionals beyond their technical expertise.

Their role is not to focus only on compliance, but to highlight and encourage improvement.