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Our Partners - ISA360

The Integral Safety Assessment Tool

Growing Safer Leaders

We have partnered with the Australian team at Data Drives Insights, to provide our clients with access to an independent and reliable capability assessment. The ISA360 approach identifies an individual’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviours towards safety and wellbeing, to enable the most successful organisational culture transformation.

ISA360 combines a measure of process safety capability along with an integrated assessment of how leaders perform during times of change, how they manage crises, how open they are understanding the views of others, and how they adapt to changing needs in order to achieve outcomes.

ISA 360 measures four leadership capability areas, and provides an opportunity to transform individual safety leadership and performance by understanding current views, beliefs, behaviours and processes.

Risk Detection
Risk Detection


The leader’s ability to have and demonstrate a personal commitment to safety and wellbeing, and effectively engage others in the commitment.

Fear of Change


The leader’s ability to listen effectively in a way that seeks a greater understanding of all perspectives.


Caring Actively.

The leader’s ability to produce a desired or intended result through genuinely caring about people.



The leader’s ability to optimise both personal and process safety, at the individual and organisational level to ensure everyone works safely.

How Does it Work?

Leaders participate by completing an online survey about themselves and nominating feedback providers to fill in feedback on their behalf.
Data is collected and then processed so each individual is provided with a comprehensive report that outlines current strengths and biggest areas of opportunity or ‘gaps’ in capability.

Because it compares the self-view with that of others, it also helps identify potential blind spots in the participants’ capability as well as confirmed strengths.

Independent assessment of Leadership Capability


Industry Benchmarking

Achieving Culture

Targeted Leadership Development

What Will You Get?

The Comprehensive ISA360 combines the quantitative results from an online feedback survey with additional qualitative questions to further understand the individual’s capabilities, and the impact on others.

Following the survey administration and reporting period, our team of accredited consultants, will debrief the results to each leader in a confidential and supportive coaching session. This will start to identify the ‘view’ that lead to the behaviours identified. By understanding the views that underpin our actions, we have the opportunity to change the results or outcomes.

The ISA 360 process is administered completely online, with reports being provided in either hard or electronic copy. Each participant also receives a comprehensive interactive Self Development Guide coaching resource to aid in their on-going development.

Sample Report


Guaranteed Outcomes

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