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Our Partners - Online WHS

Most Advanced Management System

An Online Safety Management System for All Businesses

We’ve partnered with the most comprehensive and easy to use online safety management system provider. No matter how big your company is, Online WHS suits businesses of all sizes. Watch the video to see what it can do.

Why Your Business Should Use Online WHS



Everything is in the cloud. It doesn’t matter where you are working, as long as you have internet access, you can manage your safety obligations, monitor compliance and make sure things are getting done.

The system’s clever use of QR codes make some electronic forms quickly accessible. Also, you can make the forms open access, so anyone can use them after scanning the QR code – they don’t need a username and/or password to complete them.

Achieving Culture


Designed to be used by all team members from your HR guru to your truck drivers.

All standard users need to do is login and action their “to do list”.
Users see only the information that is relevant to the site/location that they work in – so a childcare worker won’t see data relating to their Head Office.


Fully Automated

Generate reports at the click of a button that would typically take days, weeks, and months to create.

Schedules tasks to be repeated on a regular basis. Reduces time needed to prepare for an audit by up to three months.

Stop drifting in the unknown.

Let our explorers help you navigate your cultural maturity journey.