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Organisational Systems

How the Organisation is Set Up.

organisational systems

What are Organisational Systems?

When was the last time you had a good look at your organisational systems?

Every organisation has them in one form or another. Most organisations have multiple systems that work together to produce business outputs, such as goods, services, profits, behaviours, etc.

Some aspects of your organisational systems may be formalised (policies, procedures, processes), whereas others may have evolved over time to become the “norm”, without any formalisation or documentation. Barclayss® partners with your organisation to help understand how your organisational systems and processes are ‘really’ working, identify your areas of improvement, and develop solutions to increase your organisational culture effectiveness.

organisational systems

Systems of Organisational Effectiveness.

If your systems are not working together harmoniously, it will be difficult for you to achieve your organisational objectives. When you partner with Barclayss®, our Explorers guide you through your organisational universe to capture your essential accountabilities, responsibilities, and processes.

Using complex diagnostic tools, our Explorers deconstruct your organisational systems to gain a thorough understanding of the intricacies and complexities of your business.

Based on the assessment, our Explorers work with you to redesign your organisational systems and reassemble them with a focus on organisational effectiveness. With our universe-focused filter, we help you see the things that are most important to your business and filter out any impediments to the achievement of your organisational effectiveness. Barclayss® helps you create formalised systems, policies, procedures, and practices that are clearly articulated and will be understood by your workforce.

Positive outcomes for effective organisational systems:

Streamlined (and formalised) policies, procedures, and processes.
Enhanced organisational management systems and practices.
Improved organisational communication systems.

Organisational Culture Transformation

Organisational Culture Transformation - Setup


Establishing the Command Centre.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Discovery


Assessing the White Space to explore.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Navigation


Generating the Flight Plan for the journey.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Transformation


Take off and travel through Space.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Transfer


Transfer over to internal Explorers.

Stop drifting in the unknown.

Let our explorers help you navigate your cultural maturity journey.