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The Exposure Quadrant Course

Ditch your complicated risk matrix and embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of The Exposure Quadrant.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • A deep understanding of exposure and risk
  • How behaviour interconnects with exposure and risk
  • The difference between hard and soft controls (using the hierarchy of controls)
  • How to use the Exposure Quadrant 

Enroll for $49.80

I love the use of different mediums, especially the use of the paper figures on video – not seen that before and it's really valuable!

It's great content delivered in a very approachable manner. The mixed approach of video and written content in bite-sized (minute or less) videos and one-pagers made for an easily digestible module. It was also great to see an element of humour used to further engage the audience!

David speaks really well – clear and concise. 

"Quick effective management of hazards"

The world of safety can be a very overly complicated place. It often requires detailed thought and analysis to calculate potential consequences from the potential likelihood by using 5×5 risk assessments and all the associated definitions of sliding scales!

Highly dynamic and hazardous work environments move too quickly, adaptation and speed are paramount to reducing exposure to workers. The Exposure Quadrant was developed for this very purpose. This tool provides quick and effective management of hazards in dynamic work environments. So how do you use it?

Meet your instructor: David Wollage

David has a very diverse background ranging from client management/business improvement in the private sector, ‘sharp end’ operations in agriculture and resources, to setting up safety management systems and being lead safety advisor for small and large Government agencies.

David is particularly focused on integrating ‘safety differently’ methodologies into safety management, thereby not just improving safety but communications and operations as a whole.

Audits & Inspections

Do you have a major audit coming and unsure how to show compliance? Do you have a goal to become certified to a recognised standard? Are you concerned work being done in your workplace doesn’t match the way it’s described in your system? We can help confirm where you are and what you need to do to improve your compliance and/or performance levels.

Leadership & Culture

Have you got the HS culture in your organisation that you want? Are your leaders unclear or uncertain about the type of HS behaviours that lead to a good HS culture? We can develop and implement programs that improve your HS culture and your HS leadership performance.

Specialist Resources

Have you got a short-term HS resource issue, either to bridge a gap between recruitment, tackle an urgent project, or supplement your existing team for a specific period? We can provide you with specialist HS resources, that work with a coaching philosophy, to help you tackle your short-term HS resource needs.

Systems Improvement

Is your existing System too cumbersome or bureaucratic? Have you got repetitive HS issues that you’re struggling to fix? Is Contractor Management a problem that needs to be improved? We can work collaboratively with your team to develop and implement solutions that resolve HS issues, improves performance and increases efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need a fast and effective way of assessing employee safety in real time while they are working; then you need the EQ.

The EQ is for anyone who does Field Interactions, site visits, safety walk-arounds… anyone who observers or takes part in ‘work-as-done’. The ease with which it can be taught means that everyone can learn to effectively use it, regardless of their position in the organisation. 

Barclayss® is a team of industry professionals who partner with organisations to boost culture maturity using proven behavioural science approaches.

Our team of consultants each brings deep expertise in health and safety within the resource sector. This includes a practical application of human centred practices that deliver proven results within challenging operational contexts. We strive to constantly exceed your expectation, by understanding your situation, needs, and requirements. 

WA Work Health and Safety Act 2020 applies to all Western Australian workplaces, including mines, petroleum and geothermal energy operations.  The Act came into force on the 10th November 2020.


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