Actively Caring

22nd October 2020
10am - 11am ( AWST) | 12pm-1pm (AEST)

Event Information:

The vast majority of leaders genuinely care about the safety of others, but high performing leaders take it further. They are able to ACTIVELY care about the safety and wellbeing of others, which involves pushing through uncomfortableness and having necessary conversations. In our experience, conversations about mental health and wellbeing tend to be avoided, with the best of intention, because it makes leaders uncomfortable.

This third instalment of the four-part webinar series on the intentional states, hosted by John Barclay and Ash Hunt, will explore Caring Actively, from both a theoretical and practical perspective with the aim of sharing insights into what it takes to Care Actively.  

What's in it for you?

  • Understanding the importance of Caring Actively in effective leadership
  • Hearing the empirical evidence linking Caring Actively to safety and performance
  • Connecting with real world examples of great leaders who Care Actively, and also the significant implications when it goes ‘not so well.’
    Increased awareness of how you can measure and develop your leadership capability to actively care about the safety of others, including mental wellbeing
  • Gain access to experienced performance coaches who have first-hand experience in developing Caring Actively in leaders
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Your Hosts

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Donna Buchanan

Verasison Performance Coach

Donna Buchanan brings over 20 years’ experience in the utility industry, working across boundaries to enable excellence in human and business performance through connecting strategy, style and systems, enhancing leadership capability, team problem solving and emotional intelligence. Working across aspects of customer service, asset management, operations and support services, Donna has a breadth of exposure to many elements of an infrastructure business tasked with delivering services to benefit the community, business and industry. Donna’s business improvement, strategic planning and change management skills has seen the development and delivery of many improvements that have enabled increased efficiency and effectiveness of teams and functions, the establishment of strategic alliances and engagement of stakeholders in achieving common goals.

JB-C-1 - webinar

John Barclay

Managing Director

With over 15 years’ experience in safety management, behavioural safety and culture change, John brings a genuine passion for helping people and businesses in creating sustainable safety transformations. After being exposed to serious injuries, and a fatality, in his 12 years working in chemical manufacturing operations; John has developed unwavering drive and an authentic approach. John has extensive experience creating simple and effective solutions, through his 15 years, working across the globe, in construction, mining, transport, manufacturing, oil and gas. As the founder of Barclayss®, John is committed to every client becoming a partner in the journey to making safety simple, eliminating fatalities in our workplaces.

How does Actively Caring help your organisation:

  • Helps build trust in your culture, moving it from conforming to integral
  • High-trust cultures, lead to greater organisational performance
  • The likelihood of citizenship behaviour increases

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