Next Generation Leadership Diagnostics Workshop

Online Event| 11 March, 2020, 10am - 11am, Perth Time

  • Improve your ability to demonstrate commitment to safety and effectively engage others
  • Improve your ability to listen effectively in a way that seeks a greater understanding of all perspectives
  • Improve your ability to produce a desired or intended result through genuinely caring about people

Improve leadership capabilities

Predict culture maturity

Science based evidence

Your Hosts

Ashley Hunt

Ashley Hunt



Ashley is passionate about assisting both organisations and individuals to reach their full potential.  He has a diverse work history across various industries; however, this passion has been the common denominator throughout.  In 2010, Ashley created Veraison, a boutique business offering premium specialised services aimed at creating optimal culture to drive high performance in partnering organisations. Having held senior leadership positions including CEO of a SME, Ashley’s unique experience partnering with senior leaders from a variety of industries to deliver culture optimisation programs sets him apart from other consultants.

John Barcaly

John Barclay


Transformational Coach

John Barclay has over 15 years of experience in safety management, behavioural safety and culture change. John brings genuine passion for helping people and businesses with regards to creating sustainable organisational, human performance and safety transformation. After working in the chemical manufacturing operations for 12 years and being exposed to serious injuries and a fatality, the experience created within John an unwavering drive for generating improvement with an authentic approach.

Over the last 15 years, John has worked across construction, mining, transport, manufacturing, oil and gas sectors all around the world and he brings a wealth of experience in creating simple and effective solutions.

As founder of Barclay Safety Solutions, John considers that every client will be a partner in the journey of making safety simple and eliminating fatalities in our workplaces.

Jessica Rodgers

Jessica Rodgers

BA (Hons), MSc (Org Psych)

Lead of Assessments

Jess is a Provisional Psychologist, currently completing her Masters of Applied Psychology (Organisational). She is passionate about creating organisations that are fit for people and the future, to thrive in a world of fast change.

As Lead of Assessments, Jess’ focus has been on the creation and validity of assessments and was jointly responsible for the organisations’ extensive research and development of CILCA360.  Jess has also been involved in coaching workshops within Aged Care, Local Government and other organisations across Perth.

With a keen interest in psychometric assessment, Jess focuses on evidence-based practice for the ongoing measurement of individuals, teams and organisations. She is accredited in the Saville Professional Suite (Saville Wave personality and aptitude assessments); Hogan 360 assessment (Personality Inventory; Development Survey; Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory), and the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV)

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