Who We Are

Barclayss® is a team of industry professionals who partner with your organisation to boost your culture maturity using proven behavioural science approaches.

Who is Barclayss®?

We work with businesses who want to launch a Hyperdrive to boost their cultural maturity journey.​

Our organisational Explorers launch a tailored Hyperdrive program in your business, establishing a platform to navigate the White Space between where your business is now and where you want it to be in the future.

Through our unique Discovery process and targeted Exploration programs, we help you produce improved results in organisational and human performance, organisational culture, staff morale, staff turnover rates, and safety performance. As a fellow Traveller, you have a stellar opportunity to reach astronomical outcomes after launching our Hyperdrive program, with up to 10x ROI.

Stop drifting in the White Space of Culture Change today and allow our highly qualified Explorers help you become the next Rising Star of your industry.

Our Motivation

Organisational Culture

At Barclayss®, we exist to create better Leaders in your organisation. Through this, we work towards achieving one of our key goals – to save lives.

With between 250 and 300 workplace fatalities across different industries in Australia each year, creating better Leaders in your organisation means that we are playing our part to reduce that figure to as low as possible – counting down to zero.

Through development of rigorous business solutions and robust systems and processes, we help to save lives by getting Leaders in organisations to think about safety in a different way. Barclayss® Explorers help you understand what safety really means, where you are on your safety journey and how to foster a safety culture in your organisation.

Unlike many of our competitors, Barclayss® works with your organisation to reach a landing point where you become independent of us. At the completion of your hyperdrive program, you will detach from the ‘mothership’ and continue on your own journey with your newly discovered knowledge and understanding of safety leadership.


The role of your leaders is crucial to culture. If your workforce sees that your leaders have a strong emphasis on safety, it will be reflected in their own attitudes and behaviours.

Many organisations pay lip service to safety; “Safety First” is their motto but it is not reflected in their attitudes and behaviours, processes, and practices.

Barclayss® takes a global approach to assisting your organisation understand the importance of culture. We don’t become involved in the physical aspects of safety. Instead, we help your organisation understand the important role your leaders play in fostering a positive culture of safety in your organisation.

Often, organisations don’t understand or accept the importance of a safety culture. That is, until they experience an injury or worse, a fatality. Barclayss® partners with you to instil a thorough understanding of the importance of culture and safety in your workplace. We guide and mentor your leaders to help them create and promote a positive safety culture in your organisation.

Culture is an outcome of leadership.

Why the Culture of Safety and Leadership?

Organisational change starts at the top. Leaders who set an example by demonstrating commitment to safety help to create safe organisations. This is why we start with your leaders.

We help your leaders navigate the cosmic threats to your organisational safety and set them on the path to their final destination: a workplace with an Integral safety maturity.

An Integral safety maturity is created through leaders increasing their capability and ability in four key characteristics:

Barclayss® helps your leaders improve their performance; we understand that good leadership can be the difference between your business being successful or failing. We help you understand how to get the best out of your leaders, so that they can get the best out of your workforce. Get in touch with Barclayss® today to see how we can help transform your organisation.

Our Approach

Organisational Culture Transformation - Setup

1. Setup

Getting things started.

Your planet make-up: Behaviours, principles, choices, and values.

Setup launch: Define the approach, participants, stakeholders, information gathering, and engagement of senior leadership.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Discovery

2. Discover

Leaders, culture, and exposure diagnostic.

Your atmosphere: What does your culture look like?

Discover launch: Site visits, diagnostic surveys, data gathering, communication rollout, and engagement of senior leadership.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Navigation

3. Navigation

Programming the GPS and generating the flight plan for the journey.

Your flight plan: Establishing your timeline.

Your travellers: Who is going on the journey.

Your Whitespace: What needs to be considered on the journey.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Transformation

4. Transform

We have lift off!

Your space travel: Establishing context, comfort, confidence, competence, and consistency.

Black holes: Situations that may hinder or stop exploration progress.

Transform launch: Workshops and coaching, lock in your schedule, workbooks, roll out communication strategy, and content deployment.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Transfer

5. Transfer

Space explorers disembarking.

Your new, integral world: GPS accuracy and black hole avoidance.

Transfer launch: Communication & schedule, new command centre setup and activation, establish checkpoints, and internal explorer workshop.

Stop drifting in the unknown.

Let our explorers help you navigate your cultural maturity journey.