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Who We Are

BARCLAYSS® is a global leader in human performance

Our Mission

BARCLAYSS® is a team of experienced organisational explorers that partner with businesses to boost their culture maturity journey. Through the use of a proven behavioural science approach, we deliver our mission to help Leaders become better Leaders.

We believe passionately that by adopting a collaborative and consultative approach, we can develop tailored solutions to assist organisations in improving their Organisational Culture, Human Performance and Safety Performance.

Helping Leaders Become Better Leaders

  • Enhance Successful Organisations
  • Develop High Performing Teams
  • Generate Greater Care for People
  • Create Safer Organisations 

Enquire Today

“We are a business that focuses on developing long-lasting relationships. We spend the time to get to know our clients so that we are able to deliver tailored solutions that address their key leadership, cultural, human and/or safety performance issues.

Through the use of some of the best available technology, we can deliver service to our clients in a way that suits their requirements, their location and their capability.”

-John Barclay, Managing Director

Culture Change

We help Leaders and teams develop cultural strategies that embed agreed values and behaviours throughout the organisation. This approach results in practices, processes, and behaviours that the organisation will embed into their way of operating. We offer custom solutions tailored to individual situations, to enhance organisational performance. We provide four main service offerings: Organisational Culture, Human Performance, Leadership Development and Organisational Systems.

Building a successful and resilient business is hard work. ADAPT by Design provides an experienced business coach to assist in embedding operating principles into your own dedicated ADAPT operating platform. Your business becomes resilient through the application of sound principles within a proven operating platform. 

Our consultants each brings deep expertise in health and safety within the resource sector. This includes a practical application of human centred practices that deliver proven results within challenging operational contexts. We strive to constantly exceed your expectation, by understanding your situation, needs, and requirements. 

DiSC Personality Assessment

DiSC® is a world-leading personality assessment known for transforming workplaces by improving teamwork, communication and productivity. The DISC® assessment determines your position within the DISC® model which is divided into four main personality profiles (D)ominance, (I)nfluence, (S)teadiness, (C)onscientiousness. A DiSC profile assessment can be completed as a stand alone activity or can be included in a broader leadership or culture change program.