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Barclayss® is a team of explorers who partner with leaders to enhance human performance through proven behavioural science approaches.

Our Philosophy

  • Simple: Keep things simple in design and execution. 
  • Practical: Make sure things are practical and relatable.
  • Different: Do things the Barclayss® way and stand out from the crowd.

Who is Barclayss®?

Barclayss® is a team of industry professionals who partner with your organisation to boost your culture maturity journey using proven behavioural science approaches.

Through our unique Discovery process and targeted Exploration programs, we help you produce improved results in organisational and human performance, staff morale and turnover, organisational culture and leadership, and safety performance. As a fellow Traveller, you have a stellar opportunity to reach astronomical outcomes with up to 10x ROI.

Stop drifting in the white space of culture change today and allow our highly qualified Explorers help you become the next rising star of your industry.

organisational culture and leadership

Organisational Culture

Have you ever thought about your organisational culture and leadership? Essentially, this means the social and psychological environment of your organisation based on its underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, expectations, and communication.

When you partner with Barclayss®, you provide an introduction to your organisational culture – the way things are done around here. From there, our Explorers work with you to understand your culture and develop a collective set of principles and practices about your organisation, your people, and your systems.


Human Performance

Organisations have a key role in human performance and should strive to develop robust systems and processes to improve performance and reduce the incidence and impact of errors on the organisation and individuals.

Barclayss® can help you understand human performance psychology and how you can mobilise your organisation to achieve the results you desire. We partner with you to identify areas of weakness and install a hyperdrive to boost performance using proven behavioural science approaches.

Leadership Development

Does your organisation understand good leadership? Without good leaders, your people won’t know which direction they are heading, or how to get there. You need to understand why leadership is important and how it contributes to your organisation’s ongoing success.

Barclayss® in-depth assessment will help you identify black holes and build a robust leadership development framework. We help you understand how to get the best out of your leaders, to get the best out of your workforce.

organisational systems

Organisational Systems

When was the last time you had a look at your organisational systems? Some aspects of your organisational systems may be formalised, whereas others may have evolved over time to become the “norm” without any formalisation or documentation.

When you partner with Barclayss®, our Explorers guide you through your organisational universe to capture your essential accountabilities, responsibilities, and processes. Our complex diagnostic tools deconstruct your organisational systems to gain a thorough understanding of your business.

BARCLAYSS® is a team of explorers who partner with leaders to enhance human performance through proven behavioural science approaches.

Our Philosophy

  • Simple: Keep things simple in design and execution. 
  • Practical: Make sure things are practical and relatable.
  • Different: Do things the Barclayss® way and stand out from the crowd.

We help Leaders and teams develop cultural strategies which embed agreed values and behaviours throughout the organisation. This results in practices, processes, and behaviours by which the organisation will conduct itself. We offer custom solutions tailored to individual situations, to enhance organisational performance.

We provide four main service offerings: Organisation Culture, Human Performance, Leadership Development and Organisational Systems.

Our team of consultants each brings deep expertise in health and safety within the resource sector. This includes a practical application of human centred practices that deliver proven results within challenging operational contexts. We strive to constantly exceed your expectation, by understanding your situation, needs, and requirements. 

Our approach is holistic and human centred to  ensure HS solutions meet your specific needs and operational context.

Stop drifting in the unknown.

Let our explorers help you navigate your cultural maturity journey.

Trusted By

Trusted By

Barclayss® did a great job at engaging senior leadership to understand the drivers and desired program outcomes. The result was a turnkey behaviour based program with consistent yet realistic rollout timeframes.

Brett Johnston


Barclayss® came to site and completely transformed the thinking and communication style of our line leaders. They built a strong rapport with the Supervisors, so much so they will ask “when will they be back on site?” I have no hesitation in recommending John and his team.

Nigel Brown

Mining Manager

Barclayss® is an integral part of our continuous improvement program for safety. They offer customised support to build on the strengths we have and challenge us on the opportunities that are available. 

Adam Meyer

HSE Manager

Barclayss® partnership approach creates a refreshing balance between coaching, mentoring, informing, and challenging that has helped me and my team grow over the past 2 years. I look forward to the new phase of our development.

Andrew Buratti

HSE Manager

I highly recommend the Barclayss team. ERGT engaged John, Alan and David to assist with: 1. Training of all ERGT leaders and Board Members in understanding the new legislation, 2. Audit of ERGT systems against the new legislation, 3. Ongoing coaching and support to ERGT Safety Advisor. The Barclayss team are very consultative, listen and work with you on a way forward to meet your needs.

Paul Skuse

L&A General Manager, ERGT Australia

No task was too small and the customer service and support is exemplary. They were able to combine an excellent understanding of legislative requirements and the unique cultural aspects of our organisation, in the design of our WHS system. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Scott Weiland

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa

Our Cultural Language

Business Cultural Stage


An unexplored or inadequately explored future.



A skilled traveller, very experienced in navigating the complexity of space.



An inquisitive Leader wanting to improve their ability to travel through space.

White Space

White Space

Areas of business where Travellers are ‘blind’ to the need for/understanding of a different future.

Black Hole

Black Hole

Situations hindering or stopping exploration progress.

Organisational Cultural Stages

Reacting Culture

Reacting Culture

Fire Fighting Mode; acting after something has happened.

Conforming Culture

Conforming Culture

Rules Drive Mode; enforcing rules through discipline.

Achieving Culture

Achieving Culture

Performance Drive Mode; actioning on own drivers.

Integral Culture

Integral Culture

Total Performance Mode; focussing on future needs and drivers.

Our Approach

Organisational Culture Transformation - Setup


Establishing the Command Centre.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Discovery


Assessing the White Space to explore.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Navigation


Generating the Flight Plan for the journey.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Transformation


Take off and travel through Space.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Transfer


Transfer over to internal Explorers.

Stop drifting in the unknown.

Let our explorers help you navigate your cultural maturity journey.

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