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Case Study: Safety Management Systems

Current Situation

  • Absent Safety Management Plan
  • Reacting Based Culture
  • Client Auditing Non-Compliances

Organisation Stats

Commercial Development



Key Findings

• No Safety Management Plan was Developed for Small Projects
• Client Auditing Non-Compliance was Creating Conflict
• Client / Contractor Relationship HIGH FEAR
• Serious Near Miss Incidents were Not being Investigated
• Public Safety was Not Managed Effectively – Exposure to Litigation


The Barclayss® Process

Organisational Culture Transformation - Discovery


  • Review Contractor Critical Safety Exposures
  • Review Client Safety Expectations
  • Outline Critical Risks and Management Needs
Organisational Culture Transformation - Transformation


• Develop Modular Safety Management Plan
• Communicate and Educate Site Teams for Day to Day Use
• Conduct Ongoing External Audits to Ensure Effective Use

Organisational Culture Transformation - Transfer


  • Coached Operational Leaders to Manage Systems
  • Integration into Company Online Portal


• Flexible and Adaptable Safety Management System
• Client Audits Above 90% Compliance
• Public Safety Controls Implemented
• Site Teams Using Safety Management System to Manage Day-to-Day Work


Analysis & Insights

  • Modular Safety Management System Developed to Apply to Different Sized Projects
  • 125 Site Members Trained
  • Five External Audits Conducted

Dec 2018

Site Audit and Review

Sep 2018

Site Audit and Review

June 2018

Site Audit and Review

April 2018

Site Audit and Review

March 2018

Site Leaders Coached to Manage System Completed

Feb 2018

Site Personal Trained Completed

Feb 2018

Safety Management System

Jan 2018

Site Audit and Review

Jan 2018

Site Audit and Review