What is a Leadership Development Program?

There are problems in your organisation. Mistakes and incidents are happening, it’s reducing productivity and even causing financial loss. Yet, everyone is highly skilled in their respective areas of expertise. So why are these dangerous mistakes occurring? Perhaps it’s time to look to the Leaders and how they are leading. In the same way hard […]

Leadership Development: The Importance of Leadership in Your Organisation

In the workplace it’s common practice for people to engage in growing and improving their hard skills. For example, an IT worker will learn how to operate new programs relevant to their field, in order to keep their skills current and up to date. What’s not a common practice in the workplace is the development […]

Organisational Culture and Space

Imagine being an astronaut and not having a clue about how to get your spaceship off the ground. Or a Leader in Mission Control who doesn’t know where the spaceship needs to go, or how it’s going to get there. It’s crazy, right…. you wouldn’t get to such a critical point in an objective and […]

The Foundations of Safety

After many years of working in the safety field, I’ve found that the foundational concepts in safety have morphed and become misrepresented. Safety is no longer defined by what it is, it’s being defined by what we want to avoid. It’s now being described as an outcome, not something we do. While running a workshop […]

Cultural Maturity: understanding workplace culture to build better leaders

Culture in the Workplace There is no single definition as to what organisational culture means. Essentially, it is the social and psychological environment of your organisation based on its underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, expectations, and communication, both internally and externally. Organisational culture and values permeate an organisation, resulting in practices, processes, and behaviours by which […]

Understanding Behaviour Based Safety

I have found it compelling to write this article because it is becoming more and more fashionable to condemn and discredit the principles of behaviour based safety. Common statements like “it puts the blame on the worker” or “It fails to understand the complexity of behaviour”. I find this intriguing as over the last two […]

How to create the best human performance in teams?

How to create the best human performance in teams

How to raise human performance? By spending years and millions of dollars studying its teams, Google was trying to figure out how to build the perfect team in a project called Project Aristotle. The original hypothesis was that the perfect team is made by putting the right people together. But after collecting all data and […]