Why Safety Leadership Matters

Why Safety Leadership Matters

All companies want to provide safe working environments and create strong safety cultures. But if so, why are some considerably more effective in this sphere than others? Why are some organisations able to create high performance safety cultures, while others struggle in this space? It often comes down to the quality of safety leadership. What […]

Building a Culture of Safety: 3 steps to take today

Building a culture of safety 3 steps to take today

What is required to establish a high-performance culture of safety in your business or organisation you wonder? Our long experience in safety leadership and management has shown us that there are three stages that need to be worked through in order to create a safety culture with which an entire workforce can engage. The first […]

6 Ways to Boost Productivity in the Workplace

6 Ways to Protect Your Employees and Boost Productivity

Workplace health and safety is the backbone of any business. Especially since the cost of workplace injuries can be huge. They can have a massive impact on not only the day-to-day running of your business but projected business in the future. It is tempting to cut corners when it comes to workplace health and safety […]