Leadership Development

“Influencing team engagement, purpose, and direction.”

leadership development

What is Leadership Development?

Leadership is the ability to communicate and act in a way that sets an inspiring vision and motivates people to achieve common goals, with a feeling of being empowered and a sense of accomplishment.

Leadership is about creating an Integral Culture based on values and trust. An Integral Culture is achieved through excelling in four critical leadership practices:

  • Commitment – demonstrate value for people
  • Curiosity – demonstrate a healthy sense of unease
  • Caring actively – genuinely investing in people’s performance
  • Interconnectedness – connecting people and systems

At Barclayss®, our laser-like focus on leadership and field coaching empowers your Travellers with the ability to continue the far-reaching success of your journey, well beyond the completion of your Exploration cycle. When our Explorers disembark, we leave your Travellers orbiting at a higher cultural maturity level than where they were at when we started your Exploration program.


The Importance of Leadership and Culture

According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Annual Global Study, “Employees who have trust in their employer are far more likely to engage in beneficial actions on their behalf…”

The study paints a picture of the importance of effective leadership skills and how leadership contributes to the overall performance of your workforce. Employees who trust their leaders will be more engaged and more loyal than those with an overall distrust for your organisation’s leadership.

Without good leaders, your people won’t know which direction they are heading, or how to get there. A leadership development plan tailored to your organisation will help your leaders understand the importance of their role and how they contribute to your organisation’s ongoing success.

Barclayss® in-depth assessment of your organisation will help you identify your opportunities for improvement and build a robust leadership development framework that will deliver successful organisational culture change. We help you understand how to get the best out of your leaders, so that they can get the best out of your workforce.

Get in touch with Barclayss® today to see how we can help transform your organisation.

Essential Leadership Development Skills

A great leader...

  • Always exhibits honesty and integrity, even if it may not be in their own best interests or the best interests of the organisation.
  • Put the needs of their team first and foremost; ‘they eat after the team has had its fill’.
  • Believes in their own ideas and is not afraid to make the hard decisions. They take risks, knowing that they will be accountable for the outcome, whether good or bad.
  • Sees themselves as being in a position of service to their team. Employees who believe their leaders are loyal to them will be much more likely to be loyal to the leader when the time comes.
  • Understands people are the key to their own success as a leader. They know the strengths and improvement opportunities of their team and focus on helping them to achieve great things.
  • Has vision and knows how to articulate that vision to those around them. They surround themselves with competent people and guide those people toward their vision.
  • Does not lead by force; instead, they motivate their people, pushing them to do and be their best. This earns them the respect of their team, which in turn, helps them to achieve their vision.
Essential Leadership Development Skills

Organisational Culture Transformation

Organisational Culture Transformation - Setup


Establishing the Command Centre.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Discovery


Assessing the White Space to explore.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Navigation


Generating the Flight Plan for the journey.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Transformation


Take off and travel through Space.

Organisational Culture Transformation - Transfer


Transfer over to internal Explorers.

Stop drifting in the unknown.

Let out explorers help you navigate your cultural maturity journey.