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What did you want to achieve? What challenges were you facing?

“KAEFER, like most companies, had a safety based culture program that focussed on employee’s health and safety. We wanted a culture that embraced all aspects of the business as being an equally important part of the success of KAEFER. 

We recognised that Quality, The Environment, Our People, and our Productivity all play an integral part of the business, along with the safety of our employees. 

While KAEFER could develop the nuts and bolts of what we wanted to achieve our greatest challenge was being able to further develop the program into a user friendly, easy to understand program that would engage both our employees and our Supervision.”


“Our culture was one dimensional and we needed it to encompass all aspects of the business as that’s where trust culture is developed. 

The challenge was the ability to develop a program that met all these needs.”


Why did KAEFER engage Barclayss®? 

“KAEFER engaged Barclayss® to help develop the delivery model and initially, assist with naming the program. The name is extremely important as that is the first contact employees have so it has to be something they can easily understand and also embrace.

Hence SMART Choices was born.

KAEFER outlined what we wanted from the program, which had to be diverse due to the nature and dynamics of KAEFER’s business. We needed the program to cover Safety (SAFE Choices), Quality (PROUD Choices), Environment (GREEN Choices), our People (HEALTHY Choices), and our productivity (EFFICIENT Choices).

KAEFER required Barclayss® to build out the program and the delivery model across the numerous sites throughout Australia.”


What did Barclayss® deliver/design/implement?

“Barclayss® was able to further develop the SMART Choices program into a face-to-face delivery model which incorporated KAEFER’s internal programs such as LEAN (Efficiencies). 

Critical to KAEFER was the need to take over the program at a later date. This was achieved by creating Champions of SMART Choices who were trained to be able to deliver the individual modules and complete in field verifications of the program.

Barclayss® created the Facilitator guides to assist Champions in the delivery of each module, along with participant handbooks and the verification process.

The rollout of SMART Choices commenced in late February 2020, right as COVID-19 entered Australia. This required a change in the delivery model as face-to-face training on sites was no longer a viable option. BSS, to their credit, were able to quickly change the delivery model to and online, facilitated, course for each of the 5 pillars.

This allowed KAEFER to schedule in the various sites Supervisors to receive this training, via Microsoft Teams, and still achieve our goal in the delivery of the program.”


“SMART Choices has been built into a KAEFER brand, within the business. KAEFER Germany is currently reviewing the program with a view of implementing it worldwide within KAEFER. 

The holistic nature of the program allows for focus at any time on any one of the pillars which then further support the other pillars. 

Our Pre Start meetings (SMART Start) conducted on both KAFER and client sites sets up the workforce to complete their daily tasks by celebrating what we did well yesterday and how we can maintain the focus today. w 

This program has helped KAEFER reduce our TRIFR from 3.5 down to 1.88 in 2020. That despite being such a disruptive year that COVID-19 bought to KAEFER and the world. 

Our clients have embraced SMART Choices and forms a critical part of our tendering process with new clients enhancing our reputation of “When it Counts, Count on us”.”

“The SMART Choice program has provided a considerable shift within the KAEFER organisation. It is a true behaviour based program that links very well to KAEFER’s global values. 

The program doesn’t just focus on Safety, it focuses on the five (5) pillars that individually contribute to cultural and behaviour changes and alignment. 

My personal observations of the program is that it has created a clear link between site operations and corporate values by simplifying the message down to “Choices”. These Choices are then segregated into our 5 pillars (Safety, Efficiency, Health, Proud & Environmental). The simplicity of the message is key to operational acceptance which I feel has been achieved within KAEFER through Barclayss® support and guidance over the last 12-18 months. 

John and his team at Barclays did a great job at engaging with KAEFER senior leadership to understand the drivers and desired outcomes of the program, then arranging this into a turnkey behaviour based program with consistent yet realistic rollout timeframes. This enabled a deep understanding and awareness of the program and the “why” behind it. This has also ensured engagement from all levels within KAEFER to allow a consistent message be present both at corporate and site levels.” 

-Trent Northover Executive General Manager 

Eastern Operations

“I’ve worked with John Barclay on a number of occasions over the years. He is passionate about engaging people and developing workplace culture. The success of SMART Choices is a direct result of him listening to KAEFER’s requirements and being able to develop a program that he could deliver but KAEFER could then own and deliver going forward. His team’s ability to adapt when COVID-19 arrived was paramount in the success of the program.” 

-Brett Johnston HSEQ Manager