Case Study: Organisational Change

Current Situation Stagnant Safety Performance Conforming Based Culture Misaligned Leadership Teams Organisation Stats Mining Industry 8000 Employees 5 Major Locations Key Findings 32% Teams Reacting Culture 58% Teams Conforming Culture 10% Teams Achieving Culture 42% Turn over 4.6 TRIFR Above 4.6 The Barclayss® Process Discovery Culture Diagnostics Focus Groups Interviews Workplace Observations Transform Leadership Development […]

Case Study: Exposure Reduction

Current Situation Reoccurring Incidents Reacting Based Culture High Insurance Costs Organisation Stats Construction Industry 4500 Employees 45 Major Locations Key Findings 28% Leaders Spent Time in the Field Monitoring Exposure 12.6 TRIFR Above 12.6 73% Individuals Believed Leaders Didn’t Care About their People 52% Turn over 88% Individuals Avoided Interactions with their Leaders The Barclayss® […]

Case Study: Contractor Management

Current Situation Serious Injuries & Fatalities Conforming Based Culture Losing International Clients Organisation Stats Shipping 20,000 Contractors 3 Major Locations Key Findings Fatalities Occurring Yearly TRIFR above 15 Safety Function Owning and Driving Safety Five Major Contracts Lost due to Safety Performance The Barclayss® Process Discovery Assessing contactor Capability and Relationships Defining Critical Exposures to […]

Case Study: Safety Management Systems

Current Situation Absent Safety Management Plan Reacting Based Culture Client Auditing Non-Compliances Organisation Stats Commercial Development 125 Employees 3 Locations Key Findings • No Safety Management Plan was Developed for Small Projects • Client Auditing Non-Compliance was Creating Conflict • Client / Contractor Relationship HIGH FEAR • Serious Near Miss Incidents were Not being Investigated […]