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Mine Safety Management System (MSMS)

Are you compliant?  


What is an MSMS?

MSMS is a comprehensive and integrated risk management system that governs how the Mine Operator manages risks to health and safety at the mine. 

The MSMS has specific requirements as found in Regulation 621 of the WA WHS (Mines) Regulations 2022 and outlined in the MSMS Code of Practice 

Is a MSMS required for all mining operations?

Yes, it is required for all mining operations including exploration operations, whether they are new or existing. 

At BARCLAYSS ® we understand mine safety. Since 2018, we’ve helped some of the world’s largest mining companies in creating safer environments for their teams.  

We’ve put together a handy guide to support you in becoming compliant.  

Mine Safety Management System Guide

We can support you from
0 – 3 with our plans below

Plan 0

Develop and implement your MSMS.

Plan 1

Check that your MSMS complies with legislative content requirements.

Identify any content gaps.

Plan 2

Plan 1 +

Check that your MSMS is fully implemented across your organisation.

Identify any implementation gaps.

Plan 3

Plan 2 + Check that your MSMS is effective in meeting the intent of the legislation.

Identify any gaps and make recommendations for improvement.