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WA WHS Legislation Course for Officers

This course will answer who are officers and what are their responsibilities and duties.

Understand who are Officers in a business

Learn Officers' Responsibilities

Discover Practical Ways to Meet Responsibilities

Confused about the new legislative term ‘Officer’? You’re not alone.

Since The Western Australian Work Health and Safety Act 2020 was enacted in March 2022, we have received continuous enquiries about how individuals and companies can comply with the new legislation. Much of this confusion centres around the new term ‘Officer’, what does it mean, who are ‘Officers’ within a business and what does an ‘Officer’ need to do? 

To answer these questions, Senior HS Consultant-Advisor Bruce Brodie has created this course to help demystify the term ‘Officer’ while providing solutions and practical ways to meet your responsibilities.

Through this course you'll learn​

• What and who is an ‘Officer’
The course explores the definition of the term ‘Officer’ and who should be considered as an ‘Officer’ within an organisation.

• WA WHS legislation compliance requirements
The course has extracted the information you will need to understand your legal obligations as an ‘Officer’.

• Practical solutions to comply with legislation
The course outlines practical things ‘Officers’ can be doing to demonstrate their commitment to their role.

• Increased confidence in the ‘Officer’ role
By providing you with understanding of the term, the roles responsibilities, and examples of how to meet your obligations you will have the confidence in meeting your Officer requirements.

• Strategies on how to be successful in this role
Extending the practical application of Officer responsibilities the course also outlines the key strategies that should be considered to meet overall responsibilities under your duty as an ‘Office’.

What's in the course?

This short course contains a series of mini engaging videos (with subtitles) supported by PDF documents containing reference material to assist you in understanding the ‘Officer’ term. The material has been sourced primarily from WA WHS legislative sources. 

We have captured key information to assist you with getting you started on your ‘Officer’ journey. Scroll down this page to see the course activity outline.

Your Instructor Bruce Brodie

Hi, my name is Bruce Brodie and I’m your instructor for this course. I have been working as a Health and Safety Consultant since 2000 and I’m currently a HS Consultant-Advisor with Barclayss®. I started in the oil and gas exploration industry spending several years working in offshore drilling and construction campaigns for Chevron, Shell, and a health and safety consultancy. Recently I have worked in construction, chemical and mining operations. My motivation for developing this course is to demystify H&S legislation so that it can be implemented appropriately and effectively within the workplace by management and workers.

Specialist Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an employer you are required to provide and maintain a safe place of work, where so far as is practical, your employees are not exposed to hazards. Additional responsibilities include providing employees with instruction, information, training and supervision, a method for consultation on WHS issues and measures to provide protection where exposure to hazards is not preventable.

In practice, it is often the way WHS responsibilities are carried out within a business that have the greatest impact on its WHS performance. This is a key area where Barclayss® can help you and your team.

WA Work Health and Safety Act 2020 applies to all Western Australian workplaces, including mines, petroleum and geothermal energy operations.  The Act came into force on the 10th November 2020.

All Australian states and territories (except Victoria) have WHS legislation largely based on the national model WHS Act.  This allows for companies operating nationally to have similar obligations and requirements across all locations.

The WA WHS Act came into force on the 10th November 2020.

WHS Regulations are legally binding.  Breaches of regulations can result in penalties.

The first stage is to decide whether you need to, or want to achieve a particular HS standard. This provides a guide for defining the structure of your HS Management System. Even if it isn’t your main priority, it’s a good idea to follow this route, as if you decide to target achievement of a standard in the future, your Management System will be restructured in an appropriate way.  

The next stage is to conduct a gap analysis of your current system/documentation against the selected structure to highlight the areas that are absent or need work to bring them up to the required level. Then the work begins….. creating new documentation and updating or improving current documentation to ensure that it provides the required level of information for the system users.

The final stage is to implement the system, through a coordinated roll-out process. This stage will involve training leaders and employees in the key responsibilities and actions that they need to do to comply with the system.

Sounds easy! It can be, but it also can be resource intensive and technically complicated, and these are areas where Barclayss® can help you get started.

The route to certification starts with a conversation with an accreditation provider. The provider will share the expectations and requirements needed to gain certification. They will also confirm the process that you need to follow.

The next step us typically a gap analysis audit that reviews your system against the relevant standard and highlights areas for improvement prior to the formal certification audit.

The certification audit will assess your level of compliance against both the standard and your own system requirements and highlight any areas of non-conformance. If minimal non-conformances are identified, you can be granted your accreditation shortly after this audit. However, this is not usual, as most audits identify a mixture of major and/or minor non-conformances that require work to fix them. Once resolved, the provider will return to assess the non-conformances and confirm whether they can be closed out. Once closed out, the provider can recommend to the certification body that your organisation receives its certification.

Again, this is a resource intensive and technically complicated process and Barclayss® can help you with managing your journey to certification.

The new WHS legislation is expected to be enacted in WA from January 2022.

Within the legislation, if WHS duties are new, or have changed substantially from the current arrangements, there will be a transition period for WA businesses to adopt the new requirements. During this transition period, businesses will have time to assess the implication of the new arrangements on their current operation and work out what changes they need to complete to achieve compliance. Barclayss® can assist you in identifying the required changes, developing any new/modified systems, work methodologies and/or operating practices and implementing them in your workplace.

Where the new arrangements are identical/very similar to the current requirements, it is anticipated (although not guaranteed) that the established processes within a business will ensure compliance, when the legislation is in place.

However, it’s recommended that businesses conduct a review of their existing HS Management System against the requirements of the new legislation, even where it appears that the legislation hasn’t changed significantly, to identify where there may be gaps and the need for improvement. Barclayss® can help you with completing these reviews and tackling any improvement areas that they reveal.


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Course Content

01: Welcome to WA WHS Legislation Course for Officers

02: Who are Officers?

03: What are the Officers' responsibilities?

04: Why is there an Officer Duty?

05: Extra Resources