Navigating your Cultural Whitespace

July 23rd 2020 | 10:00am (GMT+8)
Outcomes from the Navigating Whitespace webinar will include;
  • Understanding the concept of whitespace in a culture change journey
  • Finding out about methods you can use to navigate your whitespace
  • Identifying the common pitfalls that you could experience when navigating whitespace

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Every culture change process that an organisation starts requires its Leaders to navigate a journey into the unknown, generating a new future that may be unclear.

In travelling on this culture maturity journey, Leaders will face uncomfortable stages of change, where the path forward may be uncertain, require careful management or need new approaches to be developed/introduced to enable their journey to continue.

Learning how to work through these uncomfortable stages is known as navigating organisational ‘whitespace’.

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Your Hosts


John Barclay

Managing Director at Barclayss

With over 15 years’ experience in safety management, behavioural safety and culture change brings a genuine passion for helping people and businesses with regards to creating sustainable safety transformation.


Tony Wittcomb

Director of Consulting at Barclayss

Pragmatic, engaging and empowering leader with over 20 years experience in executive/senior level HSEQ and Operational management roles across multiple industry sectors and countries. Committed to helping businesses develop teams and individuals that can deliver sustainable organisational and cultural change.

What is the problem they face?

  • Leaders may not always sure of what cultural issues, problems or challenges exist as they start their organisational culture change journey or how to identify them quickly;

  • Leaders are not always clear on the type of strategies that can be used to tackle their cultural issues, problems or challenges

  • As Leaders navigate their cultural change journey, the expected direction/path may need to change; how can Leaders handle this type of readjustment?

How does it help your business?

  • Leaders get a better understanding of some of the challenges that they could face when travelling on their culture change journey

  • Leaders learn about some effective tools and techniques that can help them diagnose their cultural issues and problems

  • Leaders hear about potential methodologies and strategies that they could use if their culture change journey ‘gets bumpy’

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